20 Amazing Feijoa Recipes

Also known as pineapple guavas/guavasteen, Feijoas are a fruit shrub native to South America though increasingly grown in other parts of the world (including the United States, New Zealand, and Italy). Feijoa fruits are green, egg sized, and they will fall off the tree upon ripening. You thus wait to pluck them off the plant

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What to Serve With Pierogies

Pierogies are a traditional food from Eastern Europe usually cooked by boiling them in water. Once they start floating, they would be ready so ideally one removes them from heat. Depending on the variation that one would like to make with them though, there can be other options to take. This article particularly follows one

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Mung Bean Recipes

20 Delicious Mung Bean Recipes

Mung beans are a small plant legume that originates in Asia especially in India where it has been grown for thousands of years at this point. Dishes from it are rather popular these days thanks to its unique nutrient contents especially proteins, vitamins, and fiber. Other features about it also make it rather something that

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