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Just egg is a plant based model of eggs as we know them. Mainly composed of turmeric and mung beans, this food item tastes, and looks like scrambled eggs once ready.

The texture is the same too. You want to try just egg then if for whatever reason you are unable to eat the real eggs even when you otherwise love them.

There are options to just egg e.g. tofu scrambles but this is much better. Moreover, others like flax or chia seeds can only replace the purpose of eggs in baking for example but will not be eaten on their own.

Just egg mostly comes as a liquid packed in a bottle so you can assume that what you are looking at the inside of a raw egg once broken and then proceed to use the contents in any other way that you had wished to use the eggs.

Additionally, there are the so called “folded eggs” which is another form of just egg though it mimics boiled eggs.

Now that we have the just egg, why not go ahead and look at the different alternatives available to you because you will need them. Thankfully, this is the essence of this writing. We will together explore several recipes some of them which I am certain you will find surprising.

I would encourage you to try out any of them that intrigues you if at all it is within your means. You cannot be sure what that will open you up to. Okay then, I hope you enjoy the rest of it.


15 Delicious Just Egg Recipes

1. Huevos Rancheros, Egyptian Style

Huevos Rancheros is traditionally a Mexican cuisine. The means “ranch eggs” in English. Among other things, it would have eggs and salsa fresca. What we are doing with this breakfast then is a bit of that though we are not using real eggs this time.

It also has an Egyptian touch i.e. the tomato sauce. Other ingredients include avocado, refried beans, cilantro, olive oil, and vegan sour cream.

To have the meal ready, there has to be a series of heating initially. First the oil, then the signature sauce, a tortilla, and finally the beans. The refried beans should be covered meanwhile and they should not go more than five minutes.

We now get to the just egg. Pour them in a pan and heat them. Season with salt and then scramble with a spatula until ready.

Everything described does not take longer than thirty minutes. Once ready, everyone can serve themselves mixing the foods as they like.


2. Fluffy Vegan Bisquick Pancakes

These pancakes are made with neither eggs nor diary milk. So yeah, vegan indeed. Though there is a version that would have either of the items or both for those that would want them.

Beyond the taste, real eggs also help bind the pancakes and leaven them too. These components are retained in this recipe by neutral oil.

Other ingredients include; Bisquick mix (be sure to look out for the yellow one), Vanilla extract, Diary-free milk, and granulated sugar.

With your pancakes ready to fry, mix together the milk, sugar, bisquick, oil, and vanilla to come up with the batter that you will use in the process.

Now pour the batter in the pan and the pancakes to start cooking. Roughly, a pancake should be matched with a table spoon of batter. Recall to flip the cakes (allowing each side 2-3 minutes).

On top of the compulsory ingredients, you are always fine to add other spices of your choosing; blueberries for example, and chocolate too.


3. Vegan Crème Brulee

Like recipe (3) Vegan Crème Brulee does not have any diary or eggs. Further, there no peanuts or tree nuts. That should be helpful for several people with allergies.

Now to the ingredients, the meal has sea salt, full coconut cream, vanilla extract, and just egg of course.

The steps to take to realize the recipe include pouring the ingredients in a speed blender first. Blitz on medium high and monitor them until the mixture is perfect.

Pour in a pan once this effect is obtained and then heat minimally while stirring the custard. Do not keep it at this stage for long as it will burn. Instead, take if off once the custard turns yellow.

Next, divide the custard into ramekins. Transfer them into a dish and pour water in it up to halfway. Transfer the dish into an oven and leave it there for twenty or so minutes.

Once you have picked it, the contents are ready. Allow them to cool though. Sprinkle sugar on their top too immediately before serving.


4. Easy Vega Eggs Benedict Recipe

Let us try something with just folded eggs this time. Other ingredients are; garlic powder, vegan butter, turmeric powder, onion powder, English muffins, plant milk etc.

The list is quite long indeed but it is for the good as each of these vegetable/spices bring a uniqueness that you do not want to miss.

Onion and lemon bring with them a savory vibe for instance whilst yeast and turmeric help with the yellowing.

To cook, you need to start with the hollandaise sauce. Melt butter in a pan by heating it then add then add flour which you should whisk while gently adding milk.

Once there is thickening, add the rest of the cooking ingredients.

Now toast the muffins. If you like, you can then butter them and top it with tempeh bacon, tomato, and guacamole. Toast the folded eggs in a microwave too.

As you might have noticed already, there is no dairy or eggs involved yet Easy Vega Eggs Benedict is packed with proteins.


5. Vegan Pumpkin Brioche French Toast

Are you a French toast fan but cannot do it with eggs and using bananas in their place has gotten a little boring? You are about to discover a recipe that will change your diet preferences considerably.

The ingredients of the Vegan Pumpkin Brioche French Toast are; just egg, pumpkin puree, vanilla, and pumpkin puree to say the least. Bread is also an important part of the meal. The bread you use therefore should not be so soft. If you are not so sure about its type, then you might first eat part of it as and skip at least a day from buying time so it hardens.

When ready to cook, heat butter in a pan at medium heat then cast in it the custard ingredients. Now transfer the bread therein and fry both sides for each of the slices included.

The bigger the breadth of the slice, the more time you should wait before turning it.

There are numerous ways in which you can always decide to top the toast including maple syrup and pepitas.


6. Vegan Buttermilk Belgian Waffles

These waffles are a way of adding a crispy yet soft delicacy to your dining table. The ingredients are rather straight forward so they should not trouble you when you go shopping; baking soda, almond milk, all-purpose flour, apple cider vinegar etc.

To cook, we will need to mix baking powder, salt, sugar, and the soda together. So you will need a large bowl. Now pour butter milk, vanilla extract, and flaxseed.

Stir these liquids and solids thoroughly until they are one. Preheat this oneness.

Separate into waffles and for each of them, grease with cooking spray, butter it, and cook it for some five minutes. The waffles turn golden brown once ready. The waffles taste nice if eaten with coconut, you should certainly give it a try.

For preservation, it is possible for you to freeze this recipe and do a reheating whenever it is time for you to eat them.


7. Healthy Vegan Breakfast Tacos

There is no reason for you not to mark Taco Tuesday whether you hail from Texas or not. And this right here is a recipe to facilitate that. No excuses.

The ingredients include; salsa, avocado, just egg, refried beans etc. You can also use plain bean or lentils in the place of the refried beans.

But for the fact that we are using just egg, the process of making a tacos breakfast does not differ so we shall restrict ourselves to only the unknown here.

Sit a pan on fire then pour the desired quantities of just egg into it. With the aid of a spatula, scramble the liquid as it becomes more and more of eggs instead. There is no big difference with the usual eggs really.

It is okay to top the tacos once everything is in place. Fresh cilantro, greens that are shredded, vegan chorizo, and vegan cheese too are some of the quick suggestions for you.


8. Vegan chocolate yeast doughnuts

This recipe is one of those that take the longest time to prepare so if you are not a committed cook it is likely you will not be able to pull it off.

The ingredients on the other hand are actually not many; coconut oil, almond milk, flour, dried yeast, vanilla extract etc.

It is simply impossible to cover the entire process here so while we will go through that which is possible, the thing to note is that just egg replace real eggs.

Add extracted vanilla, yeast, just egg and almond milk determinate on the amount of doughnuts that you wish to make. Mix the end product with flour and yeast. We will skip the kneading.

Two hours later (including the time in which the kneaded ball is covered and left alone), cut out the doughnuts with a biscuit cutter, cookie cutter, or anything else you know. Drop them in turns into vegetable oil to start frying.


9. Vegan Breakfast Burritos

We have seen recipes that are easy to make already. The difference with the burritos is that what you prepare in thirty minutes can actually take you for a week of breakfast if you live alone.

The necessary ingredients in this case include; Bell pepper, non-diary milk, black beans, tortillas, and just egg of course.

Make omelet from just egg. In the same skillet, add oil, garlic, and pepper. Heat the mixture as you stir for not more than five minutes.

The filling that you should have is at the very least divisible into six or so wraps. Do the splitting then and sprinkle over with non-diary cheese. Roll up, place on a baking sheet, and bake.

The Burritos can be froze and eaten later. This is possible through the aid of tin foil. Whenever you pick them in future, remember to microwave before eating. This should take less than ten minutes.


10. Eight Plant-Based Spinach Artichoke Frittata

This breakfast meal is one to run to if you have a large family or visitors pass by. It will not require much effort on your side yet it is quite delicious.

Of course, the bigger the number of people to serve, the more quantities you will need.

Ingredients; fresh herbs, jalapenos, spinach, red onion, artichoke etc.

You will need wash and then carefully cut/chop the vegetables. Transfer them into a bowl. Add just egg and mix thoroughly. Now carefully pour the mix into a muffin tin.

Bake the tin’s contents for about twenty minutes. An alternative to knowing that things are ready is seeing the formerly liquid food turn solid.

Its color should be golden brown at this point too. There you would have your frittata.

Just to be sure, the just egg talked about earlier is the one still in its raw form (liquid). Back to the recipe, the good thing with it is that you can always add as many delicacies as you wish.


11. Just Egg Omelet

What is an egg without omelet? Indeed, you can make omelet with just egg too.

The ingredients include vegan mozzarella, baking powder, and olive oil.

Start by adding just egg, baking powder, salt, pepper, and flour together and whisk together. Add olive oil to the pan where you intend to prepare your omelet and heat at medium.

After a couple of minutes, add the mixture made earlier. Wait to use the spatula at this point. Instead, cover the pan with a lid for exactly five minutes.

The eggs have begun pulling aware from the edges of the pan at this point and towards the center instead. Add mozzarellas, spinach, and then tomatoes. You can now use the spatula to turn the omelet on the other side.

That is pretty much it though I have suggestions for toppings; green onion, sliced avocado, and hot sauce. As for filling, kale, asparagus, and broccoli are good options.


Other Delicious Just Egg Recipes

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  2. Just Egg Hash Brown Casserole
  3. Vegan Lemon Curd
  4. Vegan Cranberry Babka

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