15 Tasty Lobster Tail Recipes

There is something to be said about lobster tails even for people that generally love sea food. That bite underneath the shells cannot leave you the same. Perhaps this is a point that you will already agree on now that you are here. So we will go straight away into sharing the different cuisines that you should be trying.

I have tried to make them as diverse as possible say by providing you gluten-free options for those that prefer their meals that way as well as optional ingredients for further customizing. This then should be beneficial to you notwithstanding how you like your tails prepared.


Skyler Bouchard

If you are going to poach this recipe, you should do that prior to separating the tail. Otherwise, the tail is quite a delicate one that that it might fall apart if you insist on doing so after.

The necessary ingredients include; raw lobster tails, dry white wine, cloves, lemon juice, unsalted butter, half and half etc. I suggest unsalted butter because it will help with producing more milk solids than any other kind.

To prepare, boil water first. Separately, heat butter in a skillet at medium and add parsley, garlic, and shallots. Wait for fifteen minutes. With the aid of an ice bath and the boiling water, remove the tails from the lobsters and then slice them.

Back to the butter, add salt to it and then remove it from eating. Pour it over the tails and then combine with lemon juice and the wine. Add half and half then heat until ready. This recipe can be made gluten free by substituting all-purpose flour with gluten free starch.


Broiled Lobster Tails

There is a stereotype around lobster tails being difficult to work around. That is hardly true though and this recipe is proof for this. The ingredients to consider are; paprika, butter, lemon wedges, paprika etc. Paprika is particularly helpful when it comes to the appeal to the eye as well as the aroma.

There are also ingredients that are optional i.e. parsley and green onions.

To prepare the dish, start by thawing the lobsters with a broiler should they be frozen. Next, separate the tails away from the rest of the lobster parts and slice them to expose the flesh on the inside while leaving the bottom parts intact.

Next, place on the baking sheet and add to it the paprika, garlic, and butter that you should have melted already by now. Sprinkle with ground black pepper and then place underneath the broiler and wait for five minutes or so.

Once ready, serve with lemon wedges. It can also pair with steamed vegetables.


Smoked Lobster Tails with Parmesan Butter

This recipe is distinct from any other as we are going smoky here. It is also the best way to go old school with lobster tails.

A quick comment on the equipment; I highly encourage you to use a drum smoker. As for the charcoal, you should go with cowboy charcoal as it is specifically made with meals like these in mind.

The ingredients among others, include; canola oil, kosher salt, parsley, paprika, lobster tails, and cumin.

To prepare, split the lobster tails with something sharp e.g. a knife. You can then gone from there to do the separation with a fairly blunt object e.g. a knife.

Mix paprika, cumin, kosher salt, oil, black pepper, and garlic. Brush the end component over the tails. Ready the smoker by adding wood chips for example and then place the tails therein.

Wait for them to cook for at least thirty minutes or turn from translucent (whatever comes first).

As this process goes on, separately melt butter in a skillet. Add parmesan cheese, lemon juice, red pepper flakes, garlic. Use this to grease over the tails once you know that they will be ready in ten minutes.


Broiled Lobster Tail with Garlic Lemon Butter

This recipe has quite the thing for baked potatoes so in case you were looking at something to do with the lobster tails but were also not sure about to serve them, then you could start there.

The necessary ingredients for the recipe include among others; parsley, butter, cloves, pepper, and lemon juice. As for the tools needed, you will at least need a thermometer and a baking sheet.

To start on preparation, melt butter in a microwave and then add garlic, cayenne, and lemon. Wait for a minute. Now get hold of the shears and slice the tails exposing the lobster meat.

Place on a sheet and line with parchment. Broil. When it comes to serving, couple with more butter and parsley.

Please note that you will tale if the meat is ready once its color from translucent to white or something close to opaque. Additionally, meat for smaller tails will get ready faster.


Creamy Bacon Lobster Tails

This recipe is about searing. If you want deep flavor to your lobster tails, then this is the best recipe that I have for you. The other beauty here is that all work happens in a single pan. The necessary ingredients include among others; parsley, lemon, heavy cream, pepper, and garlic.

To prepare, start by searing the tails in bacon grease for not more than two minutes. At the end of this short process, they should appear golden brown. Next, cook them until the shells are pink.

You need to be careful here however, as overcooking will turns the meat tough and rough. We can now work on the sauce.

Heat bacon fat and in it add shallots and garlic. Add heavy cream and salt adjusting per your taste. Add pepper and then monitor until thickening. Now add the lobster tails.

Again, do not cook for long. Please note that it is always better to work with fresh lobsters.


Baked Stuffed Lobster Tails

This recipe is great for summer food though it is also totally fine to eat it in ways that are as far to that as dinner for any day. It really all goes back to you and how traditional you can get. The necessary ingredients are; olive oil, baby scallops, lobster tails, lemon juice, parmesan cheese, garlic etc.

To prepare, start by splitting the lobster tails. Simply place one tail at a time on a stable surface with the hard surface down so you can cut through the softer side.

Once the meat is exposed, be sure to remove the vein too as it is part of the digestive system and as it comes towards the end, it carries the lobster’s excrete.

With that said, sauté onions and scallops. Add garlic and wait for a minute. Now add melted butter, parmesan cheese, lemon juice, and onion. Once ready, cover the split tails in this mixture and with the aid of a sheet, bake.


Creamy Lobster Pasta

To better understand this recipe, one need not look beyond lobster bisque when it comes to the sauce we will make. The important thing in that regard therefore is for allowing the stock to dry prior to adding butter and cream. The necessary ingredients include; tarragon, bucatini, brandy, cream, lobster tail, thyme etc. It is alright to substitute brandy with dark rum.

To prepare, heat oil at medium high and in it, sauté carrot, celery, and onion. Wait for ten minutes then add tomatoes, bay leaves, thyme, and peppercorns and wait another five or so minutes.

Add fish stock and wait some more minutes. Add the tails next and simmer for at least six minutes.

While we sliced the meat from the tails at the beginning earlier, in this case we do it once the sauce cools. Place the same somewhere separate and now add pasta to the liquid mixture. Cook the pasta as usual. Serve once ready.


Butter Poached Lobster Tails

This recipe is special in a sense that the lobster tails are poached twice. First, it is done in water and finally, in butter. The ingredients included are; broth, lobster tails, white wine, lemon etc. for this particular recipe, it is better that you use tails that are big enough if you are going to get the most deserving results.

To prepare, place the lobster tails in boiling water and wait for close to ten minutes. From there, remove the said tails and shock them in ice water. Once they are cold enough, get to the splitting of the shell. This time, remove it entirely leaving just the inside meat.

Now melt butter and in it season parsley, paprika, and parsley. After simmering, add the tails to poach and as you do, be sure to stir them regularly. That is it. Serve the tails with risotto.

I suggest this because the lobsters already carry significant flavor so they are better matched with something simple.


Butter Seared Lobster Tails

Butter seared lobster tails are quite closely related with recipe four so you might want to choose between the two if at all you find both striking. On top of searing, the advantage in this case is that this meal can be cooked via a stove.

The ingredients include; lobster tails, crushed garlic, cooking oil, unsalted butter, parsley etc. Preferably, you should buy the lobsters in the morning of preparation. If impossible, you can buy them prior and then thaw them.

To prepare, start by mixing oil with tail flesh. This helps buy you some more searing time as the latter tends to otherwise heat up rather fast and therefore easily gets burnt.

Now add two the pan lemon juice and begin heating. It should not take than four minutes in total. Be mindful too to flip the tails at halfway the time.

Serve with a favorite. Suggestions are carrots, mashed potatoes, and cauliflower.


Air Fryer Lobster Tails

As the trend moves away from boiling lobsters as has been the traditional way of doing things, an Air fryer is one of the best new ways available. This most especially because of the way it allows for the appropriate mixture of oil while at the same time not doing so excessively.

The ingredients here to include; paprika, butter, lemon, lobster tails etc. I strongly recommend that you use fresh lemon zest. You can also add to the recipe any other favorite herbs of yours.

To prepare, heat butter, then add paprika, lemon, garlic, and pepper. Remove from heat after a short while and the tails to the mixture to coat them. Place in an Air fryer and cook until the meat turns towards opaque.

If there is more lobster left after cooking, it can be placed in an air tight container and placed in a fridge for at least four days without going bad. Remember to reheat before eating.


Fried Lobster Tails

This recipe will come out very crispy once everything is done. It is therefore upon you to decide whether you will use it as a main course or a side dish. You should make this decision prior to cooking as it makes the difference in terms of the quantities to be prepared.

The ingredients here include; old bay seasoning, baking powder, and the tails. The seasoning pointed out can be replaced by pepper and salt.

Having cut the tails to get the flesh, mix paprika, old baby seasoning, and salt free lemon. Use the final mixture to season the tails then add baking powder and all purpose floor.

Place the tails in the Air fryer and fry for about five minutes. Separately, prepare garlic in a skillet by heating it in melted butter and ensuring that you stir thoroughly.

The lobster tails are now ready to be served. To enjoy this meal, it is better that you start eating right away.


Oven Lemon Butter Lobster Tails

Lobster Tails is a perfect meal on a date. Have you also thought however, about the fact that a cooking date may even be more fun than sitting in a restaurant? Well, this recipe is very ideal should you choose to go with the second way.

The ingredients are; lobster tails, lemon juice, unsalted butter, lemon pepper seasoning, and old baby seasoning. You may also include parsley.

To prepare, start by cutting the tails appropriately. Remove any greenish pigments appearing on the meat and then wash with lemon juice first and then water. Brush melted butter over the tails and then season with the seasonings stated above. Next, bake the tails for at least fifteen minutes.

When ready, spoon more butter on the lobster tails.

If you were able to secure parsley, then you may serve along with the tails. Preparing time is about a quarter an hour and so is cooking.


Roast Rock Lobster Tails

Defrosting is a good way to start meals prior to the real cooking and preparation. And so is it the case here. The ingredients you need for roast rock lobster tails include; lemon juice, lobster tails, parsley, sweet paprika, butter sauce etc.

Having done the defrosting at night, proceed to cut the tails open with scissors so as to get the flesh. Brush the meat with butter, paprika, and garlic powder. Heat in the oven for some fifteen minutes.

As you wait, prepare butter sauce by mixing lemon juice, butter, and minced garlic in a bowl. Heat at low for five minutes. Separately, mix chives with parsley. Both should be well cut.

When the tails are ready, remove from the oven and pass butter over them. Sprinkle over them the parsley mixture too. You can serve at this point. Often, rice is a good match for this recipe. Recall that small tails take relatively less time to get ready.


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