8 Best Grills for Apartment Balcony

Are you looking for the best grills for apartment balcony?

You might want to continue reading this article to find out.

With grilling becoming increasingly popular, it is no longer a thing to be worried about space when deciding to buy a grill.

The market of small grills has had to force manufacturers to think around size whilst still maintaining the quality of what big grills produce. So you should not worry about a finding a grill that fits a balcony.

What I am setting off to share in this article instead is to help you navigate the now many varieties of grills out there thereby ensuring that you buy one whose qualities you will be most proud of.

Alive to the fact that different people like different things, this list of eight covers options that carry all sorts of strengths including; heat maintenance, easy to clean, resistance to weather conditions etc. I have also had to select from different producers.


8 Grills for Apartment Balcony

1. Weber Original Kettle 22

The Weber Kettle 22 easily tops this list. If not for anything, because its design has actually not changed much across the years. This is indicative of how much foresight went into its building from the very start. Consider for example, the fact that this grill has multiple heat zones which enable one to grill multiple foods at the same time even when that means that the same has to be done at the same time.

That is not to say that it does not have its flaws though. Whilst it has a lower shelf thus, it is rather too small. Anyway, let us look at these attributes more closely.


The Weber Original Kettle 22 is built with porcelain wear making it pretty durable. It can last as long as a decade. It is also designed with features that make the work of roasting or anything else really simple. These include a lid and a hook.



I am sure that this feature is on the minds of many that will be reading this. Somehow, Weber has found a way of compacting this grill so as to serve large audiences yet still remain in the range of portable to move around.



Whether you are mostly involved with grilling, smoking, searing, or even roasting, the Weber Kettle 22 is for you to buy.

In order to bank on what this grill has to offer though, it is key for you to attend to maintenance. Make sure to remove the food particles that might have fallen in as you go about using it preferably when it is still warm. Further, clean with warm water and soap once it has cooled. Do not leave any charcoal in the grill after use.

That said, the Weber Kettle 22 has its downsides. It does not have an inbuilt thermometer. Its wheels are also not strong enough.


2. Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill

The Ninja Woodfire is the signature frill for the kitchenware producing company Kitchen Ninja. It is quite the experience to use not least because of its multi-functionality. Very few grills beat it on this one. It can air fry, smoke, grill, bake, roast, reheat, even rehydrate. Let us look then at the other strengths of the Ninja Woodfire.


The Ninja is portable. This means that it is easy to transport from place to place whilst being able to attend to the needs of a reasonably fair number of people. Its full potential e.g. the surface area is limited for this very aspect.


Simplified use

Like most Ninja products, using this grill is rather straight forward. Once you have placed the food in, the next thing is to select what you want to do with it and then set the temperature.

That is all. I would highly recommend it thus to folks that are starters as well as individuals who though being fans of grilled/roasted food they love the taste part more than the experience of arriving there.


Temperature changes

The Ninja grill smoothly transitions from one temperature to the next whether you intend it to move upwards or below. So you do not have to worry about cooking different foods one after the other.

There may be lapses between the display and heating but that is something that you can always go around overtime.

There are a couple of hindrances that you will have to be aware though should you decide to proceed with the Ninja. Pellet ignition can mean to refuse at start hence necessitating a restart.

It is the case too that while it smokes food, its flavor is occasionally not as deep as that of the bigger grills.


3. Napoleon 22 Inch Pro Charcoal Kettle Grill

Like the original Napoleon of France, the Napoleon 22 Pro entered a market that has formerly been dominated by Weber and is now threatening to effectively make it its own.

This is thanks to a multiple features that it carries. Thanks to the diffuser for instance, charcoal burns easily once place therein.

Now, I might use any other options when smoking, searing, to mention but a few things that grills do. Nothing beats the Napoleon though when it comes to grilling. I should also add that this is especially true if at all you are an experienced griller. Let us engage some of the other attributes.



This grill balances both the need to be potable whilst still allowing for enough space to facilitate preparation of enough food. As such, it is suitable for both family but also considerable large gatherings. Feature like the cooking place as well as the integrated stand cater for this.



The Napoleon 22 has an ash catcher making cleaning and maintenance easy to accomplish. That said, it has wave rather than the usual grates which can mean to contradict this very objective.



This grill is constructed with rather strong material so you can count on it to last for quite the time. The extension ring and diffuser are made of stainless still, the grids from iron, and the rest of the body porcelain but coated with steel.


Precise temperature

I would confidently say that this grill has the best temperature estimation system on this list. This is thanks to temperature gauge as well as the vent vortex system that are inbuilt with it.

Nonetheless, mastering how these aids work require a degree of focus and careful attention.

The Napoleon 22 would have been even better had it not been for its wobbly building and lack of tool hooks.


4. Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS

The Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS is certainly the most sophisticated machine that we will talk about today. It embraces technology which one wonders for a moment whether it is actually necessary for grills or it is overly pimped. It has Wi-Fi-connectivity for instance, so you can imagine.

Other features in this regard are the gourmet Barbeque system as well as a smart thermometer.

Once one has bought this grill and used it for some time though, they easily come to realize why Weber constructed it in the way that it did i.e. its model corrects for many things that grillers have complained about forever.

The fact that it can cook on gas for example, makes it such that novices will easily make food with it that they will be surprised of too. Here are more ups.



Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS is a continuation of a legacy that weber has already been known for i.e. producing high quality products. The burner tubes are thus made from stainless steel, aluminum for the firebox, and porcelain for the grates.


Comprehensive user experience

The smart aspects of the grill make it such that you do not have to work on your preparation using general knowledge but rather specific guidelines attuned to the meal you are preparing on that day.

This is enabled by the Weber Connect smart Grilling experience which allows for direct linkage with your phone. The system also supports temperature monitoring.



Further the Weber Spirit EPX-325S GBS carries engineering that is specifically meant to help with its cleaning. The grease management system for instance carries a drip pan which has foil liners.

This grill is so good that I can hardly find anything to point at as making it one to be turned down except for its price. If you can afford it though, you will quickly find that it is definitely worth it.


5. Kamado Joe Jr Grill

Komado Joe is already doing well when it comes to the big grills so it is nice to know that the Komado Joe Jr is not any less effective. If you are going to buy this particular grill however, then you would have most certainly abandoned anything in light of scale. It can only grill food for strictly one person or two at the very best.

That however, does not in any way affect its other incredible features. The grill’s ability to expand between diverse ranges of temperatures for instance is very impressive.

We are talking about anywhere between 225 degrees Fahrenheit to 750 degrees. Moreover, it does not matter what the weather is like. Here are details of what more the Komado Joe Jr can accomplish.



The Komado Joe Jr is one of the best grills on this list when it comes to maintaining temperature. It easily picks heat and will further keep it at the desirable degree for a time long enough for one to finish with grilling. This is mostly a result of its ceramic construction.


Best flavour

Especially when cooking in low temperatures, the food flavour that the Komado Joe Jr Grill produces on whatever is being smoked is incredible. This is thanks to the fact that it is tiny and so smoke collects much thicker in it. Once it combines with the moisture, they produce a blend that can only be envied by other grills.


Simplified Usage

The Komado is not difficult to use at all. Moreover, some of its features make not just easy but enjoyable. These include the vents that are inbuilt as well as a temperature gauge. The only challenge usually comes with learning to start its fire but it does not last past the initial couple of times.



If you have plans for camping, tailgating, or beach cook outs, then the Komado Joe Jr is your friend. It only weighs about 70 pounds. This advice should be read together with the limitations on the amount of food it can cook at a time as shared already.

These features notwithstanding, there are things that could be improved about this grill. I am thing here in particular about the ash slide-out drawer which though present in the bigger Komados is lacking in this one. As a result cleaning it is more difficult than it needs to be.


6. Weber Traveler

We have been advised not to judge books by their covers but I am allowing an exception in this case as the Weber Traveler’s name in fact matches its capacities.

With its durable tires and folding bottom, this grill is indeed perfect for carrying around if you are going to cook food away from home. It would easily fit in a car boot for example.

Additionally, the quality of the meals you will make with the Weber Traveler are finger-licking delicious. Let us now look at some other of this tool’s impeccable attributes;



This grill is one of the simplest to use. You would set it up with one hand for instance. As for ignition, it is very reliable. The Weber Traveler has automatic features too for example the lid lock.



If you are to own the Weber grill, you will be lucky to know that it can prepare a whole variety of foods including barbeque, pork chops, steaks, burgers etc. Moreover, you may use it as frequently as you wish.


Broad temperature range

With features like a knob that adjusts smoothly, and an inbuilt thermometer, this grill is able to cook at most of the temperatures that you may wish. The only downside here is that its effectiveness tends to be affected by very cold weather conditions.


7. Char-Broil Classic 280

This grill is the simplest in terms of construction amongst the eight that we will cover in this article. This explains why it is coming seventh.

That said, you are not going to miss out match on anything if you are grilling/smoking for your own consumption. Moreover, the Char-Broil Classic 280 is way cheaper than any of the other options mentioned.

Here are some other considerations that should help with how you arrive at the decision to buy or not.



The grill comes with warranties for its different parts i.e. burner warranty (5 years), firebox warranty (2 years), grate warranty (1 year), one year for the rest of the parts. This is testament to the grill’s durability.



For its size, the Char-Broil Classic 280 actually has a fair cooking area size (280 inches). This is good enough to cover a small gathering. Moreover, given the way it is structured, it easily gets heated which if you have been in this business for long enough you will know is something you will need.

The limitations of working with this grill mostly rotates around its inability to cope with very demanding tasks. It neither has a rack for example nor a thermometer.


8. Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

This is another pretty small grill yet it makes it to our list of eight for the reasons we will explain. The lengths to which it goes to resist wind especially keeping in mind its size comes high up on this list.

The Weber Go-Anywhere is also good at maintaining temperatures to a degree that is surprising indeed. This is thanks to its design on the inside which being small concentrates all the charcoal in one place. Moreover, the walls additionally insulate the heat from escaping.

Further, this grill is in fact durable. While you do not want to deliberately throw it on the floor, chances are it is going to flip at some time in the future. Whenever it does though, you can count on it to remain unhinged.

As for the negatives, it is the case that weber did not allow enough room below the lid so bigger pieces of meat become difficult to roast. The handles can mean to get hot beyond what is safe to touch as the heating advances.

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