12 Best Pellet Grills Under $600

$600 is a good price to have in mind if you are going to purchase a grill. The product you will purchase is not the best kind there is, yet you can also be sure that you are not in this case simply acquiring a grill because it is the cheapest you can lay your hands on (we have already written about $300 grills on this site. You can check those out if at all you cannot afford to spare any extra dollars).

What one finds as we are about to explore is that the best pellet grills under $600 are in fact very durable and have other pretty interesting features such that on average they should be able to cater for anyone’s need.

A $1,000 buyer thus has got nothing on you save for majorly space as well as extra features that supplement grilling, roasting, or whatever it is else that you want to do with your grill rather than change it altogether.



This grill from Z Grills is relatively big weighing at least 110 pounds. This is for a good reason though as it means that among other things it can carry quite a significant amount of pellets at once (24 pounds to be specific). The cooking chamber is also approximately 21 inches. So yeah, it would easily take up a turkey. Let us look at more of these impressive features.

  1. Build up. The grill is thick enough so you can be sure that it is going to last a good number of years. The general body is approximately 1.5mm for instance, while the lid is 2.11mm.


Meanwhile, you do not have to worry about how to move around the grill given its weight. Z Grills has made it with two huge tires that will help with pushing it around.


  1. Temperature. This grills PID controller is turned on by a simple twitching of one knob. The consistence is so reliable that if you choose to go for slow cooking then you can cook your food for three straight hours without having to open the lid. The temperature range of the Z Grills 7002C2E lies between 180 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit.


  1. Pellet Monitor. The grill has a pellet from which you can monitor the amount of pellets used from time to time without having to open it up. And, it comes with a warranty of at least three years.

This Z Grills pellet grill unfortunately fails on a side shelf so you will have to come up with something local to feel for this gap.



The first impression of this grill is not always a good one given the many separate parts that the boxes you will buy at the store carries hence making assembling difficult.

Moreover, the screwing at the top of the hopper is tricky enough that you will need someone else to help you do some holding.

If you can be patient to take in the inconvenience however, you will quickly find that there are many things to enjoy about the Pit Boss PB440. Here are some.

  1. Cooking. The grill has a cooking area of 518 sq in making it able to prepare food for at least four people at ago. Further, one is able to control the smoke and grilling temperatures with this grill despite the weather conditions out there by using the “p” setting.


  1. Temperature. The Pit Boss PB440 will come to the temperatures set just after around fifteen minutes from the time that it was first turned on. This is such an impressive fit if you know how these equipment work already. Though this time could drag to up to thirty minutes in cold weather conditions.


Also note that opening the grill’s lid is likely to have the grill drop temperature especially to its right side.

The grill’s temperature reading is unfortunately not reliable however, it can be compensated for with an external thermometer. Moreover, the depiction of these figures itself is impossible to see when outdoors. I advise you to place the grill in a shade.



This grill is the smallest of the Recteq pellet grills yet it lends with itself some of the features that have made its bigger brothers and sisters forces to be reckoned with. This is especially the case when it comes to the technology front. Let us explore some of these features then.

  1. Customer service. Recteq understands that the packaging carries manuals to guide users on how to go about things sometimes it is never sufficient. For this, they keep an active line for which you can always reach even on awkward times like Saturday at 5PM!


One issue that people complain about in this regard is minor explosions. Before you call customer care when this incident arises, you might want to first check with the blower and see that it is spinning.


  1. Temperature. Recteq grills are always white good with maintaining temperature and so is the Road Warrior 340. Usually if there is going to be any variations then it will be a fall or rise by a meagre 5 degrees. That is something.

Recteq temperatures and a host more operations can be run through the company’s application available for both Android and iOS users meaning that you do not have to always be around the grill to monitor the cooking.

That said, one has to acquaint themselves with the particulars of their circumstances. The grills tend to not connect if the Wi-Fi is a little too far from their position. One also has to update the app on their phone from time to time.



Based in Utah, Camp Chef is a household name when it comes to companies that produce products like cast iron, stoves, and of course grills. They have been doing this for twenty years now and trust me, it shows when you test out their Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill.

Here are some features that we found to be amazing and trust you will too.

  1. Temperature and smoke. This grill has its temperature depictions quite relatively accurate. The display will overestimate or underestimate the real heat by probably ten degrees. So yes, quite reliable.


The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet also allows for a wider range of smoke release in comparison with other pellets within its bracket i.e. 160 degrees-220 degrees. So this is your grill if at all you are one of the persons that are very deliberate with the cmoke flavours they want in their meat.


  1. Build up. The construction of this pellet grill is quite different from the others so it will attract a very specific type of people. To start with, its grates are made from enamel rather than the usual still hence making it easy to clean.


Other unique features of the grill are the bottle opener as well as the magnet on the hopper lid which keeps it fastened rather than inconveniencing the griller.

The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet has its down sides nonetheless not least, it will indicate full usage of the pellets even when the hopper still carries some.



For a grill below, $600, the Cuisinart Oakmont Pellet grill is undoubtedly competitive not least because of the cooking space it allows. The main grate is 735 sq in qhile the secondary self is estimated to be 223 sq in. Here are some more features that you might find endearing about this grill.

  1. Temperature. This grill picks up from 0 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit in just thirteen minutes. Moreover, the grill can be connected to your smart phone when you have downloaded the Cuisinart app and turned your phone’s Wi-Fi on such that you can still monitor temperatures even when away.


  1.  Build up. With the main body made from folded still and the lid and hopper made from stainless steel, the Cuisinart Oakmont Pellet is significantly durable. Additionally, this grill has ample storage room since it comes with both front and side shelves.


This grill also comes with four wheels thereby enabling one to easily push it around. Further, it has a pellet dump feature that simplifies the changing of pellets between cooking should one wish to do so.


  1. Cleaning. The Cuisinart Oakmont Pellet Grill has a porcelain coating but unlike most grills, the one here is thin and therefore easy to clean.

The trouble with this grill comes with assembling. It is complicated enough that it will take up to three hours if not more. Once you are through thus, you might have to simply rely on the wheels to move it. Otherwise, transporting to say camping might require that you carry it on a pickup.



Want to prepare some smoked pulled pork butt? Then I would recommend you this grill without thinking twice. With incredibly consistent temperatures, the PIT BOSS 820D3 can pull off this task even if it means waiting for as long as fourteen hours.

Here are other specific things that should help you decide whether the PIT BOSS 820D3 is for you or not.

  1. Build up. This grill has a side shelf as well as a folding front shelf thereby allowing you plenty of room to place meat as well other equipment that helps you in the roasting without external worries.


The construction is quite durable too with the body constructed in steel. The grates are coated with porcelain. The grill has an opener as well making things easy if you are going to go out and camp.


  1. Cooking. The cooking space that this grill allows is quite impressive. We are talking at least 849 sq in. This can be harnessed by optimizing the “P settings” on the grill thereby allowing the user control over the pellet cycles. That way you have a say on what amount of smoke you allow in what it is that you are grilling.


You can learn more about how the process works by looking at the manual which comes with the grill.

This grill is considerably heavy though thereby making movement difficult. It also features a round drip pan which makes it difficult to wrap aluminum foils for folks that would want to simplify cleaning.



Probably only the Z Grills Cruiser beats the Asmoke AS350 when it comes to being light. So yeah, this is the grill on this list that you should go for if at all you are looking for something portability.

For those of you that have been in this thing for a while, the easiest way to describe this grill to you is that this is the updated version of the AS300.

  1. Portable. This grill is only 49Ibs. It is also made inform of case so you can always close it and get moving. In that scenario, the legs switch to handles.


  1. Cooking. This grill has been has been constructed with a special feature also known as a “firepot”. What this is in real time is a container that carries water. As the water boils, it gives off steam which in turn keeps the meat moist as well as trapping the ash from reaching the meat.


Of all suitcase grills, the Asmoke AS350 is the only one which allows for direct access to fire at the option of the user. It achieves this by a sliding plate which is a piece of metal that stands between the meat and fire ordinarily. The metal is not fixed permanently though.

The downside to this grill is that it has very little cooking surface area i.e. 256 sq in so it would fit an environment of probably moving out with a fiancée. Further, the temperature displayed by the AS350 is often varying by 30 or so degrees.



Like most Pit Boss grills, the Pit Boss Competition Series 850 is no exception when it comes to its build up. It is constructed with heavy steel and therefore very much durable. The cooking space is coated with porcelain making it easy to clean.

The cooking area is at least 849 sq in so there is plenty of room to cook. The size is compensated by two wheels to help with pushing around.


ASMOKE As500n-1

Also from Asmoke, the As500n-1 is especially fitting for folks that intend to do a multiplicity of tasks with their grills. The things that this grill can do not least include; roasting, char-grilling, broiling, braising, and baking.

This is especially so thanks to the consistence of the cooking area (325 sq in for the main rack and 140 sq in for the warming rack) as enabled by the stainless steel that makes it up and the continuous smoking enabled by the 10.8LBS hopper capacity.



Believe it or not, this grill’s cooking area takes up an impressive 1,261 sq inches (the grates are covered with porcelain) making it the biggest on this list of twelve.

Other features of the Pit Boss Charleston include; caster wheels (two of them), shelves (one at the front and another that is removable), and a digital control board.



The cooking area of this grill is made up of three different chambers separated from the grills lid by at least 13 in. This allows for a quite significant room for preparing all kinds of food notwithstanding the size. This grill also has a side a shelf.



Do not let the listing of this grill as last fool you. If at all, this grill has some of the most refurbished technology on this list. It comes with two meat probes for example, thereby allowing for monitoring of the meat without having to open the lid. Its PID and ash cleanout systems are impeccable too?

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