25 Savoy Cabbage Recipes

Are you on the look out for the best Savoy Cabbage recipes?

Well look no further.

Cabbage is one of the vegetables that many people would not want to miss in consecutive days. Not itself sweet or bitter, you can always turn this fiber into what you want to munch.

That makes it a candidate for all sorts of dishes. Today, we talk about savoy.

Even with this category, you will be shocked at how much many options for you to play with. From cooking cabbage with meals completely free of meat e.g. eggs, to accompanying it with chicken and turkey.

This is a list that you can choose to play with for months and not tire or get redundant.

It is important to note that this article is only introductory, having given you a pool to choose from you can seek more details about the meal(s) that interest you.


25 Savoy Cabbage Recipes

#1.Monkfish in savoy cabbage

The dish is a whole rollercoaster of different ingredients put together. You have the monkfish of course, there is a bit of playing with dough to, then you will need carrot, eggs, oil, among other things.

Some of the tools you will to have are a table spoon, an aluminium foil, cutting board, and a pasta machine. You have to be ready to saute and then keep some of your meal in the fridge too.


The whole process takes close to two hours. It is worth every bit of it.

#2.Seared pork tenderloin with sesame savoy cabbage

The meal is reach in proteins, roughages, and fat of course now that we are talking pork. Other food items that you will need to do the cooking include red bell pepper, red onions, butter, and ketchup.

Remove skin from the pork, pass some mustard, cover it and then heat it until the level of softness that you prefer. Simultaneously, heat sesame oil along with pepper, onions, and cabbage of course. Mix the separate dishes once they are ready and then sprinkle sesame seeds over the sum.

Preparation and cooking should take at least an hour.


#3.Lentil stew with capers

The ingredients here are among other things, red wine vinegar, cayenne pepper, and caper. You also have to be quite precise with the quantities involved. For example, the garlic clove has to be just around 250 grams.

You should expect to do adequate preliminary steps with the vegetables before everything else: chopping the garlic and dried tomatoes, peeling the carrots and onions etc. Next is sautéing: carrot first, onions next (don’t remove the carrots), add lentils and then savoy cabbage. Do not overly heat these though.

The last step is seasoning with vinegar and cayenne pepper.


#4.Beet soup with savoy cabbage and kimchi

This meal is rich in vitamin C and carries anti-oxidants to clean your blood. Some of the groceries you will need to buy ahead are vegetable broth, large onions, apples, and cilantro leaves.

With your beetroot cut into half and then cubes formed out of it, add onions and apples (having cut them). Now heat with oil. You should have another pan where you will heat the cubes and season them thereafter. Boil the cabbage separately in salted water.

The process is not lengthy, thirty minutes will do. The meal carries about 457 calories in total.


#5.Ham and vegetable soup

This savoy carries a substantial percentage of roughages (24%), proteins (63%), and carbohydrates (17%) among other nutritious elements. And to realize them you will need bay leaf, fresh or frozen peas, broad beans, potatoes among other food items.

Be sure to have a place that can emit significant heat to begin with because the bay leaf, broad beans, and peppercorn are to first be boiled in water for at least 1½ hours. Separately, cut cabbage into strips and boil it with broth for some ten minutes then season with salt and paper.

Eventually, the potatoes have to be mixed with the soup. Remember to remove bones from the meat.


#6.Vegetable stew with grilled pears

The roughages in this dish shoot through the rough (over 100%). By comparison, proteins (10%) and carbohydrates (31%) are less present.

Before anything though, you should get yourself Hokkaido pumpkins first (three of them), then carrots, lemon juice, chickpeas, and ginger to mention but a few things that you will need.

Cut your cabbage into strips and sticks for the carrots and pumpkins. Boil the vegetable broth together with the ginger then add the vegetables and pears. This should not be more than ten minutes. Now season with salt, basil, and paper too.


#7.Linguine with morel walnut sauce

The vegetables and other foods needed in preparing Linguine with morel walnut sauce are quite many. Here are some; carrots, dried morel, garlic clove, Madeira wine, and shallot. There is whipped cream too and it has to be at least 30% fat.

Assuming that your vegetables are clean and cut as they should, the next step should be to heat oil and then skillet oyster mushrooms. Now deglaze with the aide of the wine and add the vegetables. Now add the morels and soaking crème into this mixture. Soak with pepper and salt.

At a later stage you will add noodles. The process is approximately 55 minutes.


#8.Pheasant with cranberry sauce

This course is a promise of approximately 590 calories.  Pheasants are low in fat so that should be a plus for your diet. They are also rich with magnesium.

The ingredients are pheasant meat (850 grams), bacon, fresh cranberry, cinnamon etc.

Place your pheasant meat in a pan and do a bit of roasting before pouring oil and then heating at 400 degrees F for at least 40 minutes. Separately heat shallot and then add cabbage and vegetable broth before seasoning them with pepper. Cover and cook for at least 10 minutes.


#9.Vegetable white bean Soup

This soup carries exactly 0% added sugar so it should be good for many folks with health conditions that have meant that they have to keep away from many food types. Carbohydrates levels are very low too (7%).

To get going with the meal, the components you will need are; bay leaves, red onion, garlic, and white beans to say the least.

About the preparation, start with the vegetables, onions peeled, carrot and cabbage cut and trimmed etc. Now add oil to them and do dome sautéing. Season with pepper and salt and then cook for a little while.

The final steps have to do with the beans, rinsing to begin with and eventually adding them to the soup. The total time taken is about 70 minutes.


#10.Soft eggs with savoy cabbage and beans

You want to interest in this meal not only for its vitamin C contents but zinc too. It also allows for the production of more hormones in the thyroid gland.

Ingredients here include a small piece of parmesan, eggs, vegetable broth, and pepper.

The rosemary, cabbage, scallions etc. are to be rinsed and cut appropriately. The beans too. They are to be trimmed diagonally and cut in long strips. Sauté cabbage and the beans in olive oil, and then add rosemary, lemon, thyme and cook for fifteen minutes or less. Separately, boil the eggs in water.


#11.Irish style mashed potatoes

This meal is essentially mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage. The ingredients are scallions, potatoes, chive, and butter among others.

To eat your savoy, you will have to cook the potatoes in salt water for close to twenty minutes and then dry the water and mash them. Slice cabbage and boil it in another pan briefly. Cut onions and sprinkle into the cabbage. Add butter and sauté.

Lastly, you have to mix the cabbage and potatoes. Milk helps a lot in having the mash form perfectly over the vegetables. Pepper season next.


#12.Chickpea pasta with radicchio and savoy cabbage

Chickpea pasta with radicchio and savoy cabbage is rich in proteins and other common nutrients highlighted already. Uniquely, it contains Vitamin B too and that is good for your blood.

You will need some peas to get going though, and red chili pepper, and radicchio, and rosemary, and chickpea flour noodles et.al.

Appropriately cut the chili pepper, cabbage, garlic, and lemon. Heat them in oil and sauté. Boil the noodles for some five or so minutes until they are ready. In another saucepan, mix cream cheese, lemon, and milk. Boil them, add pepper and salt then simmer. These will make the sauce.


#13.Savoy cabbage rolls with vegetables

This savoy carries among other food values potassium especially from the pumpkin. That is something.

The list of items to purchase here is quite long; parsley, walnut kernels, celery root, garlic clove, pumpkin, and vegetable broth as well.

In your cooking, it is important that you start with the pumpkin. Once you have cut, split it, and cleaned its inside, cook in olive oil having added pepper and salt. Briefly boil cabbage in water and salt. Mix it walnuts that are boiled, seasoned, and mashed with pepper and cumin. Wrap and tie them and then steam.


#14.Stuffed savoy cabbage rolls

There is a bit of fat in this one. The total number of calories is 634.

The necessary ingredients are; mixed ground meat, vegetable broth, thyme, stale white role, savoy cabbage etc.

Chop the onions and heat them. Thereafter, mix them with eggs and ground meat. Season with salt and pepper. Mix in cabbage, tie with chicken twine and preheat in the oven up to 350 degrees F. To be served with bread that is soaked in lukewarm water once ready.


#15.Winter buddha-bowl with barley

Should you intend to improve the performance of your blood, then this is a dish that you should consider. It helps in improving the rate at which wounds heal for instance.

The ingredients to pull it off include apple cider vinegar, hazelnuts, pearl barley, eggs, and honey too.

Boil the barley in a pot for about 20 minutes and the mushrooms in another pan for five minutes. There should be salt in the water. Cut cabbage and pass canola oil over it. Slice the apple and remove the seeds. Boil the eggs and then chop the hazel nuts mixing them with honey and vinegar.

With everything ready, it is up to you to mix.


#16.Potato and cabbage pan

Here too there is no added sugar. The level of carbohydrates is slightly high though (21%) and the total calories are 529.

Ingredients include potatoes, eggs, servings, olive oil, and parsley.

Clean the potatoes, cabbage, parsley etc. Boil the potatoes for twenty minutes (without peeling them). Sauté cabbage with oil for five minutes, season with pepper and salt then add parsley.

Stir and let them to cool. Peel the potatoes and mix them with cabbage. Pour olive oil in a pan and then add to it the mixture of potatoes and cabbage before heating.


#17.Stuffed savoy cabbage leaves

This recipe has one of the highest levels of calories on this list, 1,083.

The ingredients include chestnuts, Crème fraiche, waxy potatoes, breadcrumbs, butter, and scallions.

Boil cabbage in salt water. On the side, fry the potatoes and chestnuts in butter briefly. Mix the scallions and breadcrumbs. Season with salt, nutmeg, and pepper.

Spread the mixture on cabbage leaves then roll them and tie with kitchen twine. Butter a dish and place the rolls there. Place them in the oven and heat them for half an hour. Ensure that they do not get scotched. After this, your meal is ready.


#18.Savoy cabbage and ground meat casserole

The meal specifically carries Vitamin B6 which is good for our nervous system.

The ingredients include tomato paste, ground meat, onions, and whipped cream.

The initial stage is to sauté the onions, and then add the meat and tomato paste. Blanch the cabbage in hot water for a little while on the side.

Whisk the cream with eggs and season them with salt. You will later have to mix the three together.


#19.Savoy cabbage and ham au gratin

The ingredients are hamu, servings, sunflower seed, scallions etc.

Blanch cabbage in hot salted water for a couple of minutes. Butter an oven dish then place cabbage in it. Add sunflower seeds to the cabbage as well as strips of ham and scallions too.

Place the dish in the oven and bake the content until it turns golden. This should be in about fifteen to twenty minutes.



20.  Vegan savoy cabbage roulades

Some of the ingredients: Onions, Canola oil, Parsley, Nutmeg, Plum butter, and Cinnamon.

Nutrients: 550 calories.

Cooking time: 1 hour 40 minutes.


21. Irish style mashed potatoes

Some of the ingredients: Savoy cabbage, Chopped, Chives, Floury potatoes, and Scallions.

Nutrients: 282 calories.

Cooking time: fifty five minutes.


22. Sauerkraut cabbage salad

Some of the ingredients: Curry powder, Canola oil, Onion, Cayenne pepper, Yogurt, and Orange bell pepper.

Nutrients: 190 calories.

Cooking time: 25 minutes.


23. Savoy cabbage chips with sea salt

Some of the ingredients: Olive oil, Savoy cabbage, and Coarse sea salt.


– 447 calories.

– Fat, 23 g.

– Carbohydrates, 29 g.

– Protein, 28 g.

– Roughage, 28 g.

Cooking time: fifty five minutes.


24. Risoni Soup

Some of the ingredients: Olive oil, Parmesan, Garlic cloves, Ground beef, Orzo, and Chicken broth.


-658 calories.

Cooking time: 40 minutes.

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